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Google My Business….the new Yellow Pages

Remember the TV ad with ‘Not Happy Jan’? It was an iconic ad in the 1990s about how critical a Yellow Pages ad was for a business. You can watch it here:

There was a time in the not too distant past where businesses lived or died based on their exposure in Yellow Pages. While Yellow Pages does still have an online presence, is there a more modern equivalent?

The answer is YES……and even better, it is free. 

Google My Business listings are one of the most critical elements of your digital marketing. There are multiple elements that make this an area you need to focus on. 

  1. Map and Near Me Searches

There is an increase of people taking advantage of Google knowing where they are located so they will search for a services ‘near me’. For example. Plumber near me, or Plumber <suburb>. Google will then show you a number of businesses in your area or the area which you are searching. Only businesses with a Google My Business listing will appear on this list. For businesses wanting to attract a local clientele this is arguably more important than your website. When people do see you on the near me or map search they will then see quite prominently what your Google Review rating is… make sure you have some Google Reviews (more on that later).

2. Google Maps

Google uses Google My Business data to find people on their map. So if you want people to find your physical location more easily having a listing will help you get a marker on the map. Just remember that if you move offices to change your address that you update it on your Google My Business listing!

3. Google Reviews

I refer to Google Reviews as ‘little golden nuggets of marketing goodness’. They act as ‘social proof’ and definitely help you with conversions and enquiries. People of all ages use Google Reviews as they are trusted and in many ways easy to validate. If you don’t have a Google My Business page then you don’t have Google Reviews because these are housed within your Google My Business listing. 

Your Google reviews are important and therefore it can be really disappointing when you get a bad one (and also bad for business). However, if you do get a bad one don’t panic. What you do need to do is respond to the Google review in a positive and proactive way. You are responding not only to the person that left the negative review, but for all the potential customers that come after this that will then read this negative review and your response. The poise and professionalism that you display in your response is what counts, whatever you do don’t be combative, aggressive or defensive. 

Have a process in place that asks past clients for Google Reviews so that you are adding more reviews over time. 

4. How to get a Google My Business Page

Log into your Google account (whichever Google account you want to ‘own’ the listing). Then you can go to and click on the Manage Now button. From there you can easily follow the prompts to set up an account. It is free and pretty quick and easy to do. 

Just make sure that you mark it in your diary to check back every few months to make sure the information listed on there is correct and links still work. 

5. Make your Google My Business Page Work for You

The more you put into your Google My Business listing the more you’ll get out of it. You want to add as much information as you can, including your contact details, calendar booking link, and link to website. You can list and highlight products with a separate link to that product on your website so wherever it is listed. 

Photos and logos should also be loaded on to ensure that people have a great first impression. You can also add physical products to your Google My Business listing – for professional services this may be a 1 hour paid consultation for example that someone can purchase directly through your listing or website. 

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