About Us

Good marketing comes down to this - the right message to the right person at the right time

Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing and Management)
Member of PSA
Australian Marketing Institute Certified Practising Marketer (CPM)

About... Jessie

I am a true believer in the philosophy that if you hand someone a fish, you’ll feed them for a day, but if you teach them to fish, they’ll be able to feed themselves for a lifetime.

This is what I do - I teach professionals how to market their businesses so they can effectively feed themselves well into the future.

My training, coaching, and mentoring manner is one that I’d say is ‘authoritatively collaborative’! I’ll work alongside you to make sure you can (and will) actually implement the work we do, but just like you know your way around a spreadsheet or a contract agreement, I know marketing, and I know how various tactics impact on business and stakeholders. I will make sure the work we do gets you results - after all, that’s what you’re investing in.
For me, there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing professionals take control of their marketing and grow their business while falling in LOVE with the entire process. I have a keen desire to coach others while supporting them in achieving their business goals - this is ultimately what makes me jump out of bed in the morning, raring to go!

Do something today that your future self (and business) will thank you for.

About... JORK

Jork Consulting has been helping professional service business since its debut in 2014, and their success is evidence of our success!

The name JORK is a nod to my early entrepreneurial days, when my maiden name was O’Rourke and I had a boutique design business called Jork Designs.

Over the years, I have continued to refine and develop my offering so I can always provide my clients with the latest marketing knowledge and advice at their fingertips. Through webinars, strategies, training, and coaching, my ultimate aim is to fill the gap between what you specialise in, and what your existing and prospective clients are looking for.

The key to making marketing work is finding that sweet spot where costs are kept low but the impact is high.

So if it’s the sweet spot you seek, I’m here to help you find it.


Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.

About... You!

Sick of seeing your competitors’ ads everywhere?

Wondering why the phone isn't ringing as much?

Losing market share?

Need to maintain your CPD points?

Whether you’re in accounting, legal services, real estate, architecture, or any other professional service area that delivers results for clients, you’re ready to work with Jork!


Perhaps you’ve dipped your toe into the world of marketing before, only to feel as though you were drowning. It wasn’t fun, you spent more money than you’d intended to, and you were left with lots of ideas but no implementation strategy.

Put simply, you felt lost and overwhelmed.

I’m here to change that.

I will give you the skills, tools, and techniques to effectively market your business in a way that is completely authentic.

You will achieve rapid results and continual lead generation through consistent marketing methods, while learning strategies to help you to grow what works and tweak what doesn’t so you can gain leverage over your competition.

And you’ll do all of this while cutting your advertising expenses by keeping your marketing in-house.

One step at a time, I will guide you on your marketing journey, empowering you to grow your business.

Marketing doesn’t have to consume your week, month, or year! When you have the right strategy in place, all you have to do is monitor and adjust (and maybe hire a new staff member to service the demand!)


Hope is not a marketing plan.