5 real estate agents to watch on instagram

5 Real Estate Agents to Watch on Instagram

Sometimes for service based businesses social media can feel like a bit of an enigma. Your agency may have an instagram account or seven…..but you aren’t getting the traction that you feel that other agencies are.

Here are my picks for Australian Real Estate agents that I think are doing a ripper job on Instagram (and more importantly, what it is I think that they are doing really well).

  1. Drew Davies @definitelydrewdavies

I love everything about this Instagram account. All of the videos are very well shot, there is loads of personality and it would 100% appeal to his target market. There is no doubt that Drew is a bit of a larrikin and this playful and authentic style really comes through beautifully on Instagram. He has a nice mix of business (great videos of the houses he is selling) and personal (funny reels of him and his kids who he clearly adores). You get such a strong sense of who he is through this Instagram page that you would decide pretty quickly whether he was the agent for you. With over 32,000 followers there is no doubt he is killing it on Instagram. I can’t fault this page, and I want to watch videos of him chatting with his gorgeous little boys all day. The only question I have is what is Drew going to do for great content when his cute little boys don’t think it is fun to be on Daddy’s videos anymore….he might have to go back to selling houses!

Check out this video of Drew teaching his kids to do cold calling https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgwM4JlLyNM/

2. White Fox Real Estate @whitefoxrealestate

Situated in the inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne there is no doubt that White Fox is a premium luxury real estate agency. With 24k followers they are the leader in their area (on Instagram at least). Again, great imagery and good photos (they don’t have any excuses, these houses are seriously gorgeous). What I really love is how clever they are with content and local collaborations. They did a reel where they had done a collaboration with South Yarra BMW (for those not in Melbourne it is a BMW dealership in their local area, and within the price range of those that would be buying houses through White Fox). South Yarra BMW gave them the keys to a brand new electric BMW for the week. They filmed the BMW and them driving around getting food from local hot spots. Great content!!! Not only are they tagging South Yarra BMW (who then probably shared the video), but they are also tagging the local food outlets (who again are also sharing this content). Plus it is interesting content for their target market!! You can watch the video here – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdkyMCoBkOY/

3. Jellis Craig Boroondara @jelliscraigboroondara

They may not have as many followers as some of the others, but I feel like this Instagram account really packs a punch. They have a series of reels they have called ‘The Local Next Door’. Even though they have clearly been professionally produced (I normally prefer something a bit more rustic in feel). They are fabulous. I really feel like I get a sense of who the agents are……really important when making a decision on who I want to sell my house! But they have also been clever in showcasing the local area and local businesses (that they tag in the posts). Interestingly this appears to be a Boroondara office initiative as the other offices don’t have the same series….my advice….they should roll this out across the other offices. You can check out one of them here – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CefqQqsvF8E/

4. Ray White Paddington (Brisbane) @raywhitepaddington

With 15K followers this is a great instagram page to follow. Like some of the others we’ve looked at there are some good local collaborations and promotions. For instance, one of their reels was of the Bluey House. If you don’t have children under 7 in your lives you may not know, but a family in Paddington (same suburb as this agent) painted their Queenslander house to look like that out of the very popular Australian children’s program Bluey! So they did a reel of it, not because they were selling it, but because it was a local real estate feature in their suburb. They also did a reel of the opening of a local fashion boutique in Paddington (good collaboration, good local community involvement). Here is the boutique opening reel – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfoD30SA8Kx/ and here is the Bluey House – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZwL51TAB4H/

5. Sam Wilkinson @sam.wilkinson.melb

He might only have less than 2k followers but this is a great example of an agent account versus an agency account. Many agencies grapple with managing lots of accounts, but I really think having accounts at an agent level is really important because it allows that individual agent to build a brand and after all people want to understand the person that will be selling or managing their property. Sam is an agent for Kay and Burton, but all of the content is really focused on him. His reels are good, very open and honest and you can tell he has a strong value system and has strong ethics when it comes to real estate. A couple of his reels I really like for building trust are about Dummy Bids – you can find that one here – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgVsToxFKn7/ and also his updates on where the property market is at https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChmDqoilj0t/. But it isn’t all business, he does include a few funny ones too which I think is really important. We know that reels (and videos in general) that do the best from a marketing perspective are either funny or interactive. So keep this in mind and look for some ways to add a bit of fun and humour –https://www.instagram.com/reel/CeVrQTkFtLp/

Instagram is an ever changing and evolving platform, there are some great opportunities on Instagram for real estate. If you want to learn more about Instagram you can find our 1.5hr training available on demand here. We also run in house training for teams contact us for more information.

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