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Why I love twitter

Facebook is usually the first social media that businesses turn to for promotion. However, my recent experiences in using Twitter have started to turn me off Facebook for a number of reasons.

1. Free Followers
Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows you search for people that have similar interests or businesses to yours. It supports the connection and interaction with people that you don’t already know. UnlikeFacebook it will recommend you to people that like a similar page. They do all of this for FREE!

2. Tweet every day
Twitter is not a set and forget. Twitter rewards action, you need to be tweeting every day, multiple times a day. The more you tweet, the more followers you will gain. It has to do with the algorithms within Twitter – they will promote you more if you are tweeting regularly and interacting with others. The more you interact with others and act ‘socially’ the more people will follow you, and then you will be promoted even more so it becomes a snowball effect.

3. Grow quickly
The more you tweet and the more people you follow, the more followers you get. If twitter see that you are getting more followers and people are talking about you then they will promote you more – giving you more followers. My personal experience has been that if you are tweeting several times a day and following a handful of the people they recommend to you a day you should grow your following by at least 10 people every day (obviously that independent on your business type – but think about how long you have had to work to get a following of 100 people on Facebook)!!!

4. How to interact with Twitter
There are multiple ways that you should interact with Twitter.

a. Follow others – follow other people that have similar businesses or people that would be good business contacts for you. A certain percentage of these people will automatically ‘follow’ you back.
b. Tweet – tweet a variety and range of things such as quotes, special offers, product information, photos, business information, articles you have written, blog posts from your website – anything you can think of because the more the merrier! You will need to be creative to think of different things every day to keep your followers engaged and encourage them to comment or retweet your work.
c. Retweeting – this is where you ‘forward’ someone else’s tweet to your group. People REALLY appreciate this and this helps build your relationship with other people within your followers or the people you follow. It also constitutes as activity on your twitter (without you having to think up the content).

5. Word of warning
Just make sure that the information you put up on Twitter is good quality and is a good representation of the voice and personality of your business.

When retweeting – make sure you have read the content and any content in the links to ensure that it is fitting with your business philosophy and you are happy to promote the content.

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