Enterprise Radio Interview

Jessie Weatherley, Creative Director and owner of Jork Consulting a boutique marketing agency that provides unique marketing solutions to small businesses joins Enterprise Radio to discuss content creation.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Melbourne-based Jessie Weatherley, who owns boutique marketing agency Jork Consulting, says celebrity endorsement is a powerful marketing tool when the target audience align themselves with that ambassador.

“Having that endorsement can also open up a huge following that they didn’t have before. Often these ambassadors have a large social media following – a referral from them can be powerful and the company gains instant followers and engagement.”

Kerber has already posted about Slim Secrets to her more than 835,000 followers on Facebook, 274,000 on Twitter and 270,000 on Instagram.

Freelancer Success Story

Jessie Weatherley, an Australian marketing expert, has lead teams to success for most of her life. She’s worked several years in a number of managerial positions for an internationally-recognized health insurance company.

Management and marketing have always been her bread and butter since she majored in both fields during her college years at Monash University. Throughout the years, Jessie has learned a lot about building a company from scratch and overseeing its growth.

Startup Daily

After taking time off from her corporate job to have a baby, Jessie began wondering how she could get back to doing some work without having to go back to her job full time.


It’s pretty much everyone’s dream to work from home. You can stay in your pj’s, grab some ice cream and get your work done, all without leaving your bed! Here are ten who are living the dream, and have a successful career, all from their own home. Who knows, they may inspire you to start working from home too.