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Hootsuite – the good, the bad and the awesome!

For those that have ventured into social media the amount of input required from you can be overwhelming. Initially you needed to post once a week as a business, but now the trend is to post several times a day. So for most busy business people remembering to log in every day and post something interesting, funny or informative is not possible.

But there is a solution. There are a number of businesses that provide social media engagement tools, but the one that I have been using lately is HootSuite. Here is the low down of how HootSuite can transform your social media engagement!

The Good

Firstly Hootsuite is relatively cheap. In fact you can use it for free if you only have 3 social media accounts and don’t want a lot of reporting. It is also pretty easy to use.

You can use Hootsuite to load all of your social media posts in advance and with just a click of a button have the same post delivered to all of your social accounts simultaneously. This means that you don’t have to log into your social media accounts daily, or even weekly – you can set and forget your posting.

The Bad

There are certain posts that you might want repeated, such as promotions of a product or service. However, Hootsuite doesn’t allow for this. You need to copy and paste them. Other than this there isn’t a great deal that I can find wrong with HootSuite.

The Awesome

For those that need interesting content to post on a regular basis that isn’t about your own business you will know how time consuming it is. This is really where HootSuite offers great value. You can list topics that you are interested in such as medical or technology and they will suggest articles and schedule them for you. You still have to sign off on all the posts so you can ensure that nothing inappropriate makes it through. But this is a real time saver and ensure that you have some engaging content going out on your social media. It then frees you up to post the important business messages.


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  • Hosting says:

    Yes and no. Although we dabble in HootSuite’s scheduling wonders for our company and clients, we draw the line when it comes to automating all content. Scheduling programs like this can turn social media into a broadcasting outlet, which it simply is not.

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