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Free PR – How to raise your profile!

If you are building a brand and a business then an important activity is to build your profile through PR. Having multiple sources, articles and websites mention you will assist in getting your message out to more potential clients which can result in more sales for you. From an SEO perspective if these mentions link back to your website it can also raise your rankings in Google.

So without employing expensive PR agencies, here are a few easy ways to increase your presence.

1. Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase your profile. The trick with social media is to be social. Share other businesses information and posts and hope (or even ask them) to do the same for you. If other businesses or influencers share your information then you gain access to an audience that you wouldn’t have had before. They are also more likely to purchase from you if the other business that has recommended you is trusted by them.

2. Media Opportunities

Even the smallest change, new product or service has the potential to be newsworthy. It might be suitable for a local paper or an online industry publication. Creating a press release and then sending it out is an easy way to get some potential media coverage.

3. Guest Blogging

High profile blogs are often looking for guest bloggers. This gives you an opportunity to access their audience and they are able to get you to write their weekly blog for them and give their audience something different to read for the week. Using a service like SourceBottle will help you identify some opportunities for this.

4. Editorial Content

Glossy magazines are often exceptionally expensive to advertise in, however, you can essentially advertise for free by providing editorial content. If you are an industry expert, then writing an informative article that isn’t focused on selling your service is a way of getting further exposure. Magazines are often happy to print free editorial content as long as it is focused on providing interesting information for their readers and not selling your product.

5. Be a spokesperson for your industry

Ever wonder how they journalists find industry experts for a quote in an article or TV item? One of the ways that journalists find experts is through SourceBottle. Register your details and then receive daily updates on things you might want to get involved with!

With a bit of elbow grease there are plenty of opportunities for a small business to raise their profile and gain exposure without expensive advertising. If you want advice or support with any of these give us a call at Jork Consulting!

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