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Content marketing – why you need to be doing it!

If you own a business you have probably heard about content marketing. You may have been told you need a blog or social media. But if your business is doing well you might think you don’t have to do these things. In this blog post we uncover what you need to do and the value that it can create for you and your business.

Keeping Up!

If you aren’t using social media you can be sure that your competitors are. Often we see businesses  that have been the leader in their industry so they don’t feel they need to invest in content or social media. Then their competitors sneak up on them with an active marketing and social media plan.

Your future customers are going to demand to interact with you on a social level. They want to read your blogs, gain information and insights from you that will build trust and loyalty before they have even purchased. Generation Y & Z have grown up in the digital age and they expect to be able to deal with you digitally. Even if they aren’t your current demographics as they age on the next decade they more than likely will be – so you need to be ready for them!


What is content?

Content is information that you create or curate and share on your website, social media pages or in your email newsletters. It needs to engage with people and provide interesting or valuable information for them.


  1. Video: We know that videos and infographics are the most engaged with content and most likely to be shared. If you have an iPhone you can create video content. Simply using a web cam you can record a video of your blog rather than writing one. You can create a video of behind the scenes with your team. These videos only have to be short and people don’t mind if they are a bit rough and raw. However, if you want to give it a bit more polish there is cheap video editing software out there that is easy to use. At Jork we use Wondershare by Filmora.
  2. Images: When posting on Social Media it is important to add an image. Even if you are sharing a motivational quote – create a graphic with the quote and post that. This way you can even add your logo. For easy to use templates that are mostly free to use we go to Canva.
  3. Blogs/Articles: This is where you can offer information, tips, and advice. This not only showcases your knowledge and experience but it builds trust in you. Blogs should be added to your website as Google values new unique information on your website and this helps your SEO. The link to the blog should be added to your social media and to your email newsletter.
  4. Curated Content: The beauty of content is that you don’t have to create it all yourself. You can share other people’s content too. Adding an inspirational video that you saw on social media or YouTube that would be valuable for your audience can add value. While you shouldn’t only used curated content it can help you increase the information you are sharing without the need for you to create it all yourself.

Simplifying Content Creation

  1. Make sure there is someone responsible for this – whether it be in house or an agency
  2. Have a content calendar so that your content and social media plan is set out for the month ahead
  3. Load all of your social media in advance using HootSuite so that it is taken care of in advance.
  4. Re purpose your content – so for example – if you do a blog post, make sure you share it on your social media and newsletter so that you get as much mileage out of the one piece of effort.

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